Missions: Small actions for big impact.
Missions help reach family, friends + communities with timely, accurate information.
🚀 Join us in a collective effort to help keep Virginians safe. 

Mission #26: Protect yourself. Protect your plans.

The holiday season is upon us! That means fun times and holiday gatherings with friends and family. The public health emergency for COVID-19 may have ended, but there are still respiratory viruses to circulating. Protect yourself and protect your plans by getting your COVID-19 and flu vaccines this holiday season.

In this mission, we encourage you to get your updated vaccinations, share our holiday message, and celebrate safely.

🚀 Share social media shareables with your online communities + stay safe this holiday season.

Mission #25: School's Out! Checkups Are In!

Summer is the perfect time to make sure your child is ready for back-to-school in the fall. Schedule those medical + dental checkups early!

In this mission, we encourage you to share our healthy back-to-school message with friends, family, and your community.  

🚀 Check off your back-to-school checklist + encourage your community to schedule medical + dental checkups early!

Mission #24: It's the Final Countdown

We’re in the final countdown to the end of the federal public health emergency! Learn more and get factual and trusted information out into your communities with Mission 24! We will give you the tools to find + share helpful information about the end of the federal public health emergency + help answer questions. 

🚀 Share social media shareables with your digital communities + learn about what the end of the federal public health emergency means for you.

Mission #23: Spread Holiday Cheer

Spread holiday cheer not germs! Just in time for the holiday season, we've got easy-to-download shareables to encourage your loved ones to enjoy a safe holiday season. On top of that, Mission 23 provides tools to learn about your risks for severe illness and what treatment options are available to treat COVID-19.

🚀 Share social media shareables with your digital communities + learn about your risks for severe illness + available treatments for you.

Mission #22: You've Got Mail

In Mission 22, we're checking in with you + asking for your help as we move into our next chapter of the COVID Community Ambassadors. You'll also find recent resources around COVID-19 + vaccine boosters. Don't forget to have a safe + healthy Halloween!

🚀 Fill out the survey + share social media shareables with your digital communities. (Feedback form is now closed for Mission 22)

Mission #21: Back to School Ready

We've got your back-to-school safety guide! With COVID-19 still around, help your family have a safe + healthy school year. Take in what other parents + guardians have done in the past + help encourage a healthy school year on social media with shareables.

🚀 Check off your back-to-school checklist + encourage your community to stay safe this school year.

Mission #20: Got COVID?

You've taken every precaution to avoid catching the virus, but what if you or a loved one gets sick or is exposed to COVID-19? Do you know what to do next? Mission 20 provides helpful tools to what to do next after getting sick due to COVID-19 or exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

🚀 Keep Virginia safe by following the steps if sick or exposed + sharing social shareable to  protect you + others

Mission #19: Testing, 1, 2, 3

As we turn back to the core message to keep Virginia safe, let’s put our focus on testing. In the process, we may encounter family members or peers still undecided on the vaccine, so let's provide a solution-oriented answer. Testing! Testing before large gatherings + after can prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus in our communities. Dive into Mission 19 to help get the word out!

🚀 Keep Virginia safe by encouraging testing + sharing testing facts.

Mission #18: Building Bridges

Mission 18 directs us back to the core message on the benefits of testing, vaccinating, + boosting to help stop the spread of COVID-19 + help keep our communities safe and healthy. We encourage + ask you to keep track of misinformation, to use bridging statements to increase trust in the facts, +  stay up to date with the resources in our library.

🚀 Build bridges with your friends, family members, + coworkers while tackling misinformation + getting back to the core message.

Mission #17: A Call for Community Care

The pandemic has taken a mental + emotional toll on just about everyone. Many report feeling lonely, fearful, or isolated. Mission 17 is a reminder that we are still in this together + we don't have to face these struggles alone. 

🚀Call to catch up, invite a neighbor on a walk, or visit an elderly loved one. Simply reach out, sending a reminder that you are there + care.

Mission #16: Mental Health First

The pandemic has had a major impact on Virginians’ mental health, + going through the holidays in a pandemic - yet again - could have caused a lot of anxiety + emotional distress.  As a small “thank you” to you, Mission 16 is meant to help you this upcoming year put your mental health first.

🚀 Explore the mini-class + utilize the easy, accessible wellness tools

Mission #15: Boost the Holidays

Just in time for the holidays, the booster shot is now recommended by CDC for all those 18 + older. Find answers to frequently asked questions on the booster, + take on Mission 15 as you share with loved ones shareables encouraging them to get their booster shot too. 

🚀 Boost the holiday season + encourage loved ones on social media

Mission #14: The 5-11 Vaccine

With Thanksgiving 🦃 almost here, everyone 5-years-old and older now gets a chance to help stop the spread! In this mission, you’ll find information on the vaccine for 5-11 year-olds as well as how to prepare for safe gatherings - especially with loved ones at higher risk. Read up + be the answer for parents + guardians in your community!

🚀 Read up on trusted facts about the 5-11 + share on social media

Mission #13: Let's Have a Conversation

Following Mission 12 and the crash course to help slow the spread of misinformation, in Mission 13, VDH and the Ad Council, we encourage you to have a heart-to-heart conversation with loved ones about your personal experience with vaccines + use these tools to answer their questions. Let’s dive in!

🚀 Have a conversation, use the video for inspiration, + share your experience

Mission #12: Infodemic

Help slow the spread of misinformation in Virginia. In this mission, we're all heading into the classroom... the virtual classroom that is. This learning experience is based on the US Surgeon General's Health Misinformation Advisory, with extended learning opportunities presented by experts, near + far.

🚀 Take the 10-part mini-class + explore extra credit learning opportunities

Mission #11: Gen Z Vax Fax

Meme culture, absurdity + humor. The Gen Z campaign merges straight-forward, credible information with a bold, colorful + entertaining vibe that makes it easier + more enticing for young adults (18-25) to get vaccinated against COVID. By doing so, they can protect the (pre-pandemic) moments they care about.

🚀 Help get this into the hands + social streams of Virginia's Gen Z + young adults

Mission #10: Parents + Children

With variants, uncertainty around childhood susceptibility, + the return to school, there is concern over the safety of our children + how to keep them healthy. If you are a parent or guardian to school-aged children (K-12), your mission awaits. If not, we've got a special recruitment mini-mission for you - head to the bottom of the Mission 10 page.

🚀 Share your tips for keeping your family healthy, safe, + aware - we'll share your collective wisdom with other families across Virginia

Mission #9: How Right Now

Let's talk emotional wellbeing. In this mission, we team up with the CDC to share expert resources. These tools are specifically designed to support emotional health + healing for ourselves + others.

🚀  Watch the video. Review the resources. Use + share with family, friends + communities

Mission #8: What's Next?

Spread the word to help Virginia tune in to the upcoming town hall on Thursday June 24th at 7pm. In our last mission, we asked you to share common questions overheard within your communities. Our upcoming town hall covers answers. Topics include the Delta variant, current CDC + VDH guidelines, children + adolescents vaccine, + summer activities + many other FAQ.

🚀  Tune in + encourage others to do the same by sharing these materials

Mission #7: Brainstorm

As we move into our next chapter of COVID response, we need your help. Since February of 2021, we've worked to turn Community Ambassador ideas into real life tools + resources. It's time for round 2. What's needed right now? Be sure to return to the Mission 7 page to see insight from your peers!

🚀  Share your insight + ideas (Feedback form is now closed for Mission 7)

❤️ Mission #6 1/2: Basic Training

On May 25th + 27th, we partnered with Immunize Virginia to offer a 2-part, interactive COVID Basic Training to a limited number of Community Ambassadors. This 3-hour interactive learning experience facilitates further action within local communities through knowledge + COVID communication skills.

🚀  Stay tuned for future learning experiences

Mission #6: Action

Support the It’s Our Shot, Virginia: Statewide Day of Action on Tuesday, May 18 by communicating your vaccination status + encouraging others to receive their free COVID vaccine. Whether you say it out loud or through a social media frame/meeting background, announce your vaccination status for all to know.

🚀 Choose any or all of the action items listed here

Mission #5: Tune In

Can you help shine the spotlight on accurate information? Encourage those in your circles to tune in Tuesday, May 4 at 7pm. VDH will host leading medical experts, state health officials + community leaders for a statewide virtual town hall event, “Vaccinate Virginia: You Ask, The Experts Answer.”

🚀 Let others know you're tuning in by sharing these materials via social, email + text

Mission #4: Show or Tell - Reasons For Hope

Stories create change. We're looking to amplify reasons for hope to create the change needed for a bright path forward. We have two ways to get involved. Full details have been prepared for you here.

🚀 Show + share this video, or Tell your public health story relating to vaccine, testing or contact tracing (Feedback form is now closed for Mission 4)

Mission #3: Let's Get Back In The Game!

Team up with Willie Nelson + major sports leagues to share the Ad Council's encouraging video to get "Back In The Game" by getting vaccinated + letting our communities know what you most look forward to in the future.

🚀 Share the video via social media, email, or text + a short message on "why" you are receiving the vaccine

Mission #2: Explore Over 50 COVID Resources

We're excited to announce the Community Ambassador hub for resources, tools + missions. We've gathered over 50 resources, articles, social posts + digital supplies to help you support friends, family + communities.

🚀 Have a look around. Consider taking one of the five actions from the Home page

Mission #1: Vaccine Pre-registration

Virginians can now pre-register for their free COVID-19 vaccine. You can view more details + tools on the Mission 1 page. Use the tools, or simply direct people to Vaccinate.Virginia.gov or 1-877-VAX-IN-VA.

🚀 Help spread the news + encourage your communities to get vaccinated