Missions: Small actions for big impact.
Missions help reach family, friends + communities with timely, accurate information.
🚀 Join us in a collective efforts to help keep Virginians safe.

Mission #8: What's Next?

In our last mission, we asked you to share common questions overheard within your communities. Our upcoming town hall covers answers. Topics will include the Delta variant, current CDC + VDH guidelines, children + adolescents vaccine, + summer activities. Tune in Thursday, June 24 at 7pm (details on how to tune in here)

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Mission #7: Brainstorm

As we move into our next chapter of COVID response, we need your help. Since February of 2021, we've worked to turn Community Ambassador ideas into real life tools + resources. It's time for round 2. What's needed right now? Be sure to return to the Mission 7 page to see insight from your peers!

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❤️ Mission #6 1/2: Basic Training

On May 25th + 27th, we partnered with Immunize Virginia to offer a 2-part, interactive COVID Basic Training to a limited number of Community Ambassadors. This 3-hour interactive learning experience facilitates further action within local communities through knowledge + COVID communication skills.

🚀 Stay tuned for future learning experiences

Mission #6: Action

Support the It’s Our Shot, Virginia: Statewide Day of Action on Tuesday, May 18 by communicating your vaccination status + encouraging others to receive their free COVID vaccine. Whether you say it out loud or through a social media frame/meeting background, announce your vaccination status for all to know.

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Mission #5: Tune In

Can you help shine the spotlight on accurate information? Encourage those in your circles to tune in Tuesday, May 4 at 7pm. VDH will host leading medical experts, state health officials + community leaders for a statewide virtual town hall event, “Vaccinate Virginia: You Ask, The Experts Answer.”

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Mission #4: Show or Tell - Reasons For Hope

Stories create change. We're looking to amplify reasons for hope to create the change needed for a bright path forward. We have two ways to get involved. Full details have been prepared for you here.

Show + share this video, or Tell your public health story relating to vaccine, testing or contact tracing

Mission #3: Let's Get Back In The Game!

Team up with Willie Nelson + major sports leagues to share the Ad Council's encouraging video to get "Back In The Game" by getting vaccinated + letting our communities know what you most look forward to in the future.

Share the video via social media, email, or text + a short message on "why" you are receiving the vaccine

Mission #2: Explore Over 50 COVID Resources

We're excited to announce the Community Ambassador hub for resources, tools + missions. We've gathered over 50 resources, articles, social posts + digital supplies to help you support friends, family + communities.

🚀 Have a look around. Consider taking one of the five actions from the Home page

Mission #1: Vaccine Pre-registration

Virginians can now pre-register for their free COVID-19 vaccine. You can view more details + tools on the Mission 1 page. Use the tools, or simply direct people to Vaccinate.Virginia.gov or 1-877-VAX-IN-VA.

Help spread the news + encourage your communities to get vaccinated