Mission 3

"Back In The Game" | Mission Details

Hello + welcome to our third collective mission.

How to support: Let's team up + share the Ad Council’s encouraging message to get “Back In The Game” by getting vaccinated. Share this 1 minute video via email, text, or social media. When sharing, score extra points by adding a short message telling your friends, family, + communities your unique "why" for receiving the vaccine.

Ideas for comment to add when sharing:
"🏥 Getting the vaccine was... and I Iook forward to..."
"I'll be seeing you soon 🎵 and I can't wait for..."
"I'm getting my vaccine to keep _____ safe and so we can all get 'back in the game.'"

🚀 How To Share

  • Option 1) Reshare the Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter post from Ad Council.

  • Option 2) Visit the YouTube video, copy the link , + share via text, social page or email.

  • Bonus points) Add your short message, telling others about your unique "why"

📺 Ad Council | Back in the Game

Thank you for your support. We could not do this without you!

Key facts, feedback + insight on mission success.

🗓 On March 31st, 2021, Mission 3 email was delivered to 3,479 Ambassadors.

⛑️ Within the first 2 weeks, mission overview received 2.8k views + over 9.2k page interactions.

This mission called Ambassadors to take a national message (Ad Council's Back in the Game video) + reach their local community by sharing their 'why' on social media platforms, via text, or email. Thank you for sharing!

🚀 See below to view community examples.

Featured highlights.
How are you sharing?
Let us know!

❤️ Facebook post, with personal message

❤️ Retweet on Twitter, encouraging others to vaccinate

❤️ Instagram story, with note

❤️ Facebook post, with message + relevant hashtags

❤️ Retweet on Twitter, with a touching "why"

❤️ Instagram story, teaming up with Willie Nelson

🏅Special thanks to all Community Ambassadors!