LIBRARY + CLASSROOM: Virginia has questions, let's provide answers. As Ambassadors, we help bring accurate + timely information to the people around us. This page holds knowledge + resources to support family, friends, peers + communities near you.

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🎯 Spring 2023 COVID + Flu Campaign

Intended for the general public (targeting expectant mothers + families), this campaign reminds Virginians that the new COVID-19 booster, as well as this season's flu vaccine, are still available.

INCLUDES: (in 9 languages)
Two social media sharables, in 1200x680 + 1080x1080 formats.

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🎯 DIAL: Disability Information and Access Line (ACL)

Intended for the general public, this infographic from the Administration for Community Living (ACL) gives information about DIAL, a service that helps older adults + people with disabilities get COVID-19 vaccines and other services.

Printable PDF Infographic

🚀 Print + post, share online, or send to doctor's offices + pharmacies.


🎯 COVID-19 Personal Plan 

Intended for the general public, especially those at high risk of serious illness from COVID-19, this printable worksheet from CDC offers tools, information, + action steps that can be shared with family, friends, + healthcare providers.

Printable 3-page worksheet

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🎯 Respiratory Illness Video

As respiratory illnesses continue to rise in Virginia, this YouTube video featuring Deputy State Epidemiologist Dr. Laurie Forlano provides simple steps to stay safe.

1:50 YouTube video

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🎯 Vaccine Digital Graphics, Videos, + Outreach Materials

Created by Great Than COVID, this toolkit offers downloadable graphics + other outreach materials about COVID-19 vaccines + boosters

INCLUDES: (in English + Spanish)
Conversational + FAQ videos
Graphics + GIFs
Print materials

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🎯 Vaccination + Booster Schedule 

Flow chart detailing recommended vaccination + booster schedules for everyone 6 months + older. Available for the general public + the immunocompromised population.

At-a-glance schedule

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🧰  Under 5 Vaccine Messaging Toolkit 

From Vaccinate Your Family, a national nonprofit, this toolkit contains numerous resources for the COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5 + under.

INCLUDES: (in English + Spanish)
Talking Points + FAQs
:75 vaccine safety video

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🧰  Children + COVID-19 Vaccination Toolkit

From the Public Health Communications Collaborative + based on CDC recommendations, this toolkit addresses COVID vaccination eligibility for children ages 6 months to 17 years.

INCLUDES: (in English + Spanish)
Talking Points
Answers to Tough Questions
Vaccine Recommendations PDF
Shareables + Sample Captions

🚀  Review + share on social media or with pediatricians
Updated: 7.20.22
*updated with information for children ages 6 months to 5 years*

🧰   Self-Testing Toolkit

From the CDC, this toolkit covers basic self-testing facts, recommendations on when to take self-test, how to locate a self-test, how to use, how to decipher results, FAQs, + print resources.

Explanations (what is a self-test, when/why to self-test)
How-to's (obtain a self-test, use a self-test, decipher results)
Print Resources (some available in Spanish, Chinese, French, Korean, Vietnamese)

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🎯  Booster Chart 

From the FDA, this webpage shares a resource chart to help individuals determine if they are eligible for a vaccine booster.

Resource page + chart

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🧰   Booster + Second Booster Doses Toolkit

From the Public Health Communications Collaborative, this toolkit provides messaging + outreach tools to communicate booster + second booster dose information. 

Topline Messages
Answers to Tough Questions
Social Media Sample Posts + Shareable Graphics

🚀 Explore + utilize messaging + shareables on social media or newsletters
Updated: 4.21.22
*updated to include second booster recommendations*

🎯 Quarantine + Isolation Calculator

From the CDC, this web-based resource helps determine if, when, + how long to quarantine or isolate, along with definitions of quarantine vs. isolate, exposure vs. close contact, + more.

Quarantine + Isolation Calculator
Definitions, FAQs, + recommendations

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🎯 Answers to Tough Questions - Mask Guidance

As masking usage + requirements are changing rapidly, these talking points + FAQ resource help clarify + address confusion.

Talking points, FAQs, + answers to FAQs

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🎯 Interactive Ventilation Tool

From the CDC, this tool allows users to explore how well their home may be ventilated + how to improve ventilation methods, based on customizable options - like whether or not they have a portable HEPA air cleaner, an open window, active HVAC, + so on.


Website with interactive tool + recommendations to improve ventilation

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🧰   COVID Vaccine Ambassador Training: How to Talk to Parents

From Coursera + Johns Hopkins University, this free ~2-hour training course shares best practices on how to have effective + empathetic conversations around vaccines with parents.

Free course with certificate of completion
*When you access the webpage, the course start date automatically defaults to the current date. You are able to enroll at any time.*

🚀  Consider enrolling in the course + share with parents, PTAs, or school boards

🧰  Vaccine Resource Hub

Featuring hundreds of vaccine-related resources, the Vaccine Resource Hub intends to support the increase of COVID + flu vaccination across all communities, especially those experiencing racial + ethnic disparities. Created by Partnering for Vaccine Equity, a program of the CDC.

INCLUDES: (in dozens of languages)
Audio + video content
Brochures, factsheets + flyers
Shareable graphics + images
Reports, Surveys, + Webinars

🚀 Review resources. Bookmark + return to when in need of additional vaccine content

🧰  Booster Dose Toolkit

From the Public Health Communications Collaborative, this toolkit provides messaging + outreach tools to communicate booster information. This content has been updated to also address concerns over the Omicron variant.

Topline Messages
Answers to Tough Questions
Social Media Sample Posts + Shareable Graphics

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💬 Antivirals + Treatment Messaging

New messaging guidance to help answer tough questions about COVID-19 antivirals, from the Public Health Communications Collaborative.

Messaging around vaccination + antiviral treatments

🚀 Review messaging + share with medical providers + practitioners to inform + support

🧰  Voices of Long COVID Campaign

Resolve to Save Lives, in partnership with multiple state + local health departments, created the "Voices of Long Covid" campaign to increase awareness + promote vaccine uptake. With a focus on people ages 18-29, the campaign features testimonials from a diverse group of young adults struggling with persistent health problems from COVID.

INCLUDES: (in English + Spanish)
Royalty-free media assets:
- :60, :30 + :15 ads (for placement on television)
- :60, :30 + :15 ads (for placement on radio)
- social media ads + suggested captions
- static digital banner ads (range of standard sizes)

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📍 2 New Virginia Equity Dashboards

These dashboards are part of the Commonwealth's commitment to operationalizing equity by increasing transparency + making data more accessible. "COVID-19 has placed a spotlight on health inequity + the ways that structural racism has been embedded in our systems." - Governor Northam

Equity in Action 

Equity at a Glance
Thank you to the Virginia Health Equity Task Force

🚀 Explore the two equity dashboards to stay up to date in current status

 📺 The Conversation: Kids + COVID-19 Vaccines

THE CONVERSATION #BetweenUsAboutUs expands to address questions about the COVID-19 vaccines + children with FAQ videos featuring pediatricians. Watch and share on YouTube.

Introduction Video
Which vaccines are available for kids?
Why vaccinate your child for COVID?
Do kids need to get the COVID vaccine?
Has COVID risk changed in kids?
And more...

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📲 Virginia Gen Z Social Media 

Meme culture, absurdity + humor. This Gen Z content merges straight-forward, credible information with a bold, colorful + entertaining vibe that makes it easier + more enticing for young adults (18-25) to get vaccinated against COVID. By doing so, they can protect the moments they care about. 

TikTok, Instagram Reels
Social Stories + Carousel
Facebook / Twitter Post
Streaming Radio / Audio Clips
Video Shorts

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🎯 Children + Family Vaccination - ImmunizeVA

This ImmunizeVA page holds resources to support local immunization efforts. The "Tracker" material is designed for kids + families. This includes social media resources to encourage vaccination for children, and printouts that can be used as coloring sheets for children at vaccination events. The page also includes a variety of testimonials, in static + video format.

🚀  Review + share material with K-12 students and their parents. Include coloring printout at events with children

🧰 Back to School Toolkit 

Resources for school district leaders, teachers, parent leaders, + supporters to answer questions, outline school guidance, + increase vaccine confidence. As a part of the We Can Do This campaign, the toolkit features content from CDC + HHS COVID-19 Public Education Campaign.

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Mitigation Strategies + Safe School Reopening

Evidence shows schools can safely open for in-person learning during the pandemic when layered mitigation measures are applied. This helpful handout outlines how to do this, with a summary of the supporting data. 

🚀 Review + share with school districts or administration partners

🎯 A Conversation with Dr. Fauci

Join governor Northam + watch the recording of the 60-minute conversation with Dr. Fauci + healthcare providers from the webinar on August 3rd. We’d also appreciate it if you'd share this link with your network + communities.

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📺  President's YouTube Townhall 

Creators + influencers, Manny Mua, Brave Wilderness + Jackie Aina ask questions about vaccines in an effort to encourage younger people to get their vaccine + debunk myths on vaccination.
- Highlights
- Manny Mua interview
- Brave Wilderness interview
- Jackie Aina interview

🚀 Watch on YouTube + share link via email, text, or directly from the White House's social media account

📺 La Conversación/ The Conversation

Latinx doctors, nurses + promotoras of the Conversation/La Conversación share why they are speaking out about the COVID-19 vaccines + what it means for the Latino community.

The Conversation (50+ videos)
Videos En Español
Webinar Recording

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🎯 Adolescent Vaccine Approval Shareables

The CDC has authorized the Pfizer vaccine for adolescents aged 12 -15 years. These shareables explain eligibility + benefits. Three different social media shareables are available along with suggested captions.

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🧰  We Can Do This - National HHS Campaign

A public education campaign to increase confidence in vaccine + reinforce basic prevention measures. Content available for a general audience, Black communities, Native/Tribal leaders, faith-based, essential workers, rural, nurses, + many more. Includes social media shareables, infographics, flyers, audio/podcasts, + more.

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🧰 Vaccination Mythbusters Toolkit

Dispel myths while encouraging confidence in the COVID-19 vaccinations.

Myths poster
Truths poster / stickers
Scams poster

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📺 The Conversation, Between Us, About Us with Kamau Bell

An open + honest conversation between Kamau Bell + Black doctors, nurses + researchers that gets to the heart of Black people’s questions.

The Conversation (50+ videos)

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🎯 Easy-to-read Fact Sheets

These 3 pages cover common concerns like vaccine safety, availability, + what happens after vaccination -- written in everyday language.

1. Safety fact sheet
2. How to get the vaccine
3. After you get the vaccine

 🚀  Read + share if helpful to your communities. Or use insight in everyday conversation

🏥 Visit the education page for more, including additional language support + answers to many of the most common questions.

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🎯 How Do Vaccines Work?

How vaccines help our immune system to protect us.

Overview:: English / Spanish
Shareable: English / Spanish

🚀 Review how vaccines protect us + share if you feel this is helpful to your communities

🎯 How Was the Vaccine Developed?

Explaining development: no steps were skipped.

Overview:  English / Spanish
Shareable: English / Spanish

🚀 Review the vaccine development procedure + share with questioning communities

🎯 How Do We Know It's Safe?

Explaining safety monitoring, with visuals.

Overview: English / Spanish
Shareable: English / Spanish

🚀 Review how the vaccine will be monitored + share if you feel this is helpful to your communities

🎯 Which Vaccine Should I get?

Highlighting safety + effectiveness in preventing symptoms of COVID-19 if exposed to the virus.
Overview: English / Spanish
Shareable: English / Spanish

🚀  Review + share to help others know: all are safe + effective, the best vaccine is the one available to you

🎯 What Happens When You Get The Vaccine?

Explaining what it's like to get a vaccine, + how it keeps us safe.

Overview: English / Spanish
Shareable: English / Spanish

🚀 Review for better insight on how the vaccine protects us. Share with those wondering what to expect

🎯 I'm Vaccinated. Now what?

Steps to protect ourselves + others as the vaccine rolls out. Mitigation, second shot, vsafe.

Overview: English / Spanish
Shareable: English / Spanish

🚀 Review next steps after your vaccination + share your communities have been vaccinated or are in Phase 1b

🏥 Visit the education page for more, including additional language support + answers to many of the most common questions.