Mission 25

Mission Details | School's Out! Checkups Are In! 

Hello + welcome to our 25th mission. 

The final school bells are ringing, and summer is here! But that doesn’t mean that all the work is done. Summer is a prime time to make sure your children are ready for a healthy start in the fall, and that includes making sure they’re up to date on their vaccinations and have had their annual medical and dental checkups. In this mission, we encourage you to share our healthy back-to-school message with friends, family, and your community. 

⛑️ How to support: 

⏰ Schedule routine checkups now. 

💉 Is your child is up to date on immunizations?

🏫 Visit VDH’s “one-stop shop” web resource. 

Find the latest and most up-to-date resources at vdh.virginia.gov/backtoschool

⏰Schedule routine checkups now. 

Summertime means fun in the sun, family vacations, and sports, but it is also a great time to schedule yearly wellness and dental care appointments. 

Summer appointments often book up quickly, and the earlier you schedule the appointments, the easier it will be to book a time that works best for your busy summer schedule. You wouldn’t want to wait until the last minute to cram for midterms or finals, so don’t wait to make that appointment. 

Mission 25 provides shareables and more tools to help you! 

💉 Is your child is up to date on immunizations?

Incoming kindergartners and rising 7th and 12th graders may need additional immunizations before school starts. Without them, your child may not be able to start school on time. 

Both public and private schools in Virginia require students to be adequately immunized. Even daycares require proof of immunization! 

If your child is behind on immunizations, talk to their doctor about how to catch up. 

🏫 Visit VDH’s “one-stop shop” web resource.

Learning doesn’t stop when the school bell rings or the diploma changes hands. Visit VDH’s back-to-school website to learn more about which immunizations and healthcare services your child may need for school or sports. You can find checklists, educational videos, records search, and other resources with just one click.

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