Mission 4

Show or Tell: Reasons for Hope | Mission Details

Hello + welcome to our fourth collective mission.

⛑️ How to support: In our new Community Ambassador Mission, we have two ways to get involved. Both options help spread stories that facilitate the actions needed to keep people safe. Can you help by choosing one? Show... or Tell.

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❤️ Show: Back to what we love

Show this recent video that says farewell to 'virtual,' 'lockdown' + more. While there's still uncertainty ahead, the vaccine gives reason for hope + offers the best path back to what we love. Simple, profound, + available to share via social, email or text.

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🚀  Use the links above to share. If you have time, let us know how you shared! We will share highlights back to the Ambassador Community (Feedback form is now closed for Mission 4)

💬 Tell: Stories – share yours

Tell us how public health efforts or healthcare workers helped you or those you love. Sharing your firsthand experiences can help demystify topics like vaccination, testing, + contact tracing + give others confidence to follow in your footsteps. Fill out this form + we'll turn your quote into a graphic for you to share, or to be featured by VDH + local media. (Feedback form is now closed for Mission 4)

🚀 Help spread hope + inspire others by sharing your story + firsthand experience. After filling out the form, you will receive an email within 5 days which includes your shareable story-graphic 

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📺 Google | Get Back to What You Love

Thank you for spreading hope across Virginia. We could not do this without you!

Key facts, feedback + insight on mission success.

🗓 On April 15th, 2021, Mission 4 email was delivered to 3,569 Ambassadors.

⛑️ In the first two weeks, the mission overview received 3.5k views.

This mission called Ambassadors to show their communities a piece of hope for a bright future with the recent video by Google: "Getting Back to What We Love" - or - tell us about their firsthand experiences with any public health efforts while encouraging others to follow their example. These stories were turned into quote graphics to be shared on social media platforms, through email, or text. The stories can be shared by ambassadors, VDH, Virginia Health Districts or media. Add multiple to emails or sprinkle into social stories to help celebrate community reasons "why."

Thank you for participating!

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Thank you, Ambassadors, for also helping show Google's "Get back to what you love"

🏅Community Ambassadors, we couldn't do this without you!