Mission 19

Mission Details | Testing, 1, 2, 3

Hello + welcome to our nineteenth collective mission. 

In the midst of tackling misinformation, provide a solution-oriented answer + encourage testing. Testing for COVID-19 can help stop the spread of the virus in our communities. Tackle Mission 19 by sharing the facts + encouraging those not vaccinated to test while they make their decision. 

⛑️ How to support: 

🎤 Testing, 1, 2, 3. Encourage testing while answering frequently asked questions + directing those in your community where to get free tests.  Find shareables + copy below to post to your favorite social media platform 

How else can we help? Continue to encourage the vaccine while providing preventative measures for those not yet vaccinated. 

🎉 Let's throw some confetti! It's time to celebrate! Thanks to your efforts, 7 million Virginians have received at least 1 dose of the vaccine. Spread the word!

📋 PS - Mini Mission: Thank those on the front lines of the pandemic. Showcase your work or someone you know by thanking them in your own way.

To be featured in the Mission 19 status update + recap, provide your feedback + let us know how you share. Your insight + ideas help guide future efforts. (Feedback form is now closed for Mission 19)

🎤 Testing, 1, 2, 3.

As we continue to fight misinformation, we may encounter members of our communities that are hesitant about getting the vaccine + still have a lot of doubts. Instead of leading the conversation to see our point of view, let’s provide a solution-oriented answer. Testing!

Anyone can order up to 2 testing kits of 4 FREE at-home tests (8 total tests) through a federal program. Though our best tools are still getting vaccinated, people may find testing a better choice for them. If you need testing right away, you can find a VDH testing site near them here.
In partnership with the Public Health Communications Collaborative, this mission helps answer frequent questions on testing while posting shareables via social media, email, or print.

You can also find more testing resources provided by the CDC here - including how to use a self-test video + more.

Find easy-to-download shareables below along with a caption + share with your social media communities.

To download your favorite:

#COVIDCommAmbassadors #VDH #Testing #vaccinatevirginia

#COVIDCommAmbassadors #VDH #Testing #vaccinatevirginia

#COVIDCommAmbassadors #VDH #Testing #vaccinatevirginia

✔️Participate in activities that are higher risk

✔️Have been referred by their healthcare provider 

✔️Plan to or recently returned from international travel 

✔️Are not up to date on vaccinations and plan to visit people with high risk 

Learn more at  www.vdh.virginia.gov/coronavirus/protect-yourself/covid-19-testing/ 

How else can we help? Along with testing, help keep everyone around you safe by taking preventative measures. Vaccines + boosters are still our best tools, but you can encourage those not vaccinated to continue to social distance when possible, wash their hands, avoid large crowds + poor ventilated places, etc. Check out the CDC’s tips to prevent getting sick + protect others. 

🎉 Let’s throw some confetti! Thanks to you + your efforts, we can proudly say that over 7 million Virginians have obtained at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Pat yourself in the back + throw some confetti - we could have not done this without YOU! Thank you! 

🎉 Let's celebrate! 

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📋 PS. Mini Mission: Thank those on the front lines of the pandemic. Join us in thanking those in the first line of defense against COVID-19 these past 2 years! Thank them by sharing their story, add a photo or a video, + tell us how they’ve impacted your life + the lives of others during this pandemic.  (Feedback form is now closed for Mission 19)

🗓 Mission 19 was sent on April 28 to over 4,100 Community Ambassadors across Virginia. 

⛑️  Since then Mission 20 received 4,200  views. 

This mission directs ambassadors back to the core message on the benefits of testing, vaccinating, + boosting to help stop the spread of COVID-19
+ help keep our communities safe + healthy.

Ambassadors rated this mission 4.8 out of 5 in terms of being helpful to their communities.
-- The Commonwealth thanks you for your support, Ambassadors! --