Mission 6

Statewide Day of Action | Mission Details

Hello + welcome to our 6th collective mission!

⛑️ How to support: Choose any or all 3 of the mission actions to support the "It’s Our Shot, Virginia: Statewide Day of Action."

Research shows that social norms have a major impact on people’s attitudes + behaviors regarding their health. We know people are more likely to get a vaccine when they see many people they trust are doing it. Whether you say it out loud or through a social media frame/meeting background, announce your vaccination status for all to see. 

📲 To be featured in our Mission 6 recap, please provide your feedback + let us know how you share. Your insight + ideas help guide future efforts. (Feedback form is now closed for Mission 6)

Traci DeShazor, Deputy Secretary of the Commonwealth + Director of Vaccination Community Outreach + Engagement has this message:


🚀 Consider adding one of the Facebook frames to your personal profile picture. Images below are examples of how the frame looks on top of a photo.

1. Select the link beneath your preferred frame.
2. The link will take you to a Facebook page to add the frame to your existing Facebook profile photo.
Note: After completing the above steps, you may also choose to download your new photo with frame from Facebook + add to other social media accounts.


🚀 Consider adding one of the backgrounds for your virtual meetings (or use as social media cover photo)

1. Download your favorite.
Computer: right-click + save or drag image to your desktop
Mobile: press + hold, then select save
2. Follow instructions within your virtual meeting software to change background.

- Zoom: Preferences --> Background & Filters --> + Add Image
- Google Meet: Select meeting --> 3 dots in bottom right  --> Change background --> + Add Image
- Microsoft Teams: Click 3 dot menu --> Background effects --> Add new 


Once we are vaccinated, the job is not quite over. The mission that continues is to share our stories + encourage others to get their vaccine. Here are four tips to support you while you support others. 

For more, here are two helpful conversation guides:
Friends + Family: 7 Ways to talk to hesitant loved ones
Employees + Coworkers: Tips for conversation about COVID-19 vaccines

Key facts, feedback + insight on mission success.

🗓 On May 18th, 2021, Mission 6 email was delivered to 3,788 Ambassadors.

⛑️ Within the first 2 weeks, mission 6 overview received 5.9k views.

While the mission was delivered on 5/18, it received a helpful head-start via Governor Northam's press release on 5/14 and again on 5/17. As such, the numbers above reflect both the unique links that the press release pointed towards + the Mission 6 page (where email subscribers are directed) over the last couple of weeks.
Thank you for sharing!

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