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Hello + welcome to our 7th collective mission!

As we move into our next chapter of COVID response, we need your help. Since February of 2021, we've worked to turn Community Ambassador ideas into real life tools + resources. It's time for round 2. What's needed right now? Let's work together to share insights + develop new ideas to help improve vaccination rates to keep families, friends + communities safe.

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Ambassadors offered thousands of hyper-local data points from friends, family, work-groups, neighbors and other communities to support this insights mission. It is based on their first-hand interactions.
Ambassadors shared quantitative insight, others shared qualitative feedback, and some submitted ideas for new tools + resources.

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📊 💬 INSIGHT 1 | Hesitancy:
"Within Your Local Communities, What Are The Most Common Concerns or Reservations You're Hearing + Seeing?

💬 "Other" Examples
Minsiformation + Hesitancy Heard or Seen Within Communities
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  • 💬 "Afraid they will feel sick and not be able to work"

  • 💬 "Thinking they don't need it because they had covid and natural immunity lasts longer"

  • 💬 "Believing Covid is no big deal for most people, and vaccines cause more symptoms than they protect against"

  • 💬 "It's for people who aren't healthy (IE, "I'm healthy - I don't need it.")"

  • 💬 "Waiting for final, non-emergency, FDA approval"

  • 💬 "Believing they don't need it because everyone around them has had the vaccine"

  • 💬 "All the info out on the multiple vaccine candidates is confusing people - leading to delays in uptake"

  • 💬 "It's my body; my freedom to decide not to compromise my body is being violated."

  • 💬 "Fear of infertility"

  • 💬 "Fear of nefarious government monitoring of their person (implantation of chip)"

  • 💬 "Just haven’t done it yet. Haven’t felt the need strongly enough to make the arrangements/appt."

  • 💬 "Too much misinformation"

  • 💬 "Not sure how effective it is"

  • 💬 "Believing it's not good because military didn't require them to get it, but they were required to have other vaccines"

  • 💬 "Thinking it was made by a foreign government to shift ellection results"

  • 💬 "Not understanding mRNA. People need to know that the mRNA technology is not new, and that massive government spending helped to get it across the finishing line"

  • 💬 "Repeating incorrect info from online propaganda and disinformation"

  • 💬 "Feeling it's not needed because they're still working remotely or unemployed"

  • 💬 "Lack of trust of the scientific and medical professionals"

  • 💬 "Ineffective management of vaccine administration at selected sites"

  • 💬 "Don't think they'll get sick if they do get COVID"

  • 💬 "Rushed to market (trust), What's in it? (trust), Not FDA approved (trust), politicized"

  • 💬 "Believe any and all conspiracy theories first"

  • 💬 "Think that Covid is no worse than getting the seasonal influenza"

  • 💬 "Missinformation and disinformation: Examples: videos on youtube, ticktoks that say it's not safe, Etc"

  • 💬 "Perceiving some vaccines cause health problems"

  • 💬 "Believing risk of unknown adverse affects are worse than risks of COVID to healthy child (12+)/self; Not understanding why FDA only approved it for "emergency use" for general public"

  • 💬 "Lack of education about how vaccines work and how viruses spread"

  • 💬 "Wondering why FDA has not approved it yet"

📊 💭 INSIGHT 2 | FAQ:
What Are The Questions You're Hearing Within Your Communities?
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  • 💭 "What's happening with variants? Who's protected? Can vaccinated people pass them along?

  • 💭 What are the relative risks of possible vaccine side effects vs risks from Covid?

  • 💭 "Why should you get the vaccine?"... from the point of view of people that need protecting. (It's your responsibility to protect those who cannot protect themselves.)"

  • 💭 "Afraid of the possible side effects, especially with heart issues among young men"

  • 💭 "Many are still afraid of the vaccine. They fear what may happen to their health in the future if they take it. I've also heard from people want to know how many people have gotten COVID19 after being vaccinated and what happened to them?"

  • 💭 "Whether one or more booster shots are needed"

  • 💭 "Why should I trust the vaccine isn’t going to do more harm than good?"

  • 💭 "How best to protect kids who are too young to be vaccinated?"

  • 💭 "There needs to be a clear-cut delivery of just how effective the immunization has been and that all the candidates that have received emergency approval massively decreased risk of severe disease, hospitalization and death among those who have had covid and those who haven't. Also -- the immunity provided is proving to be lengthy"

  • 💭 "How can colleges require students and faculty to get an "experimental" vaccine? Why should I get the vaccine if I already had Covid?"

  • 💭 "How does one know if it is safe?"

  • 💭 "Vaccinations for pregnant women... good idea, or, not? (What's the "official" guideline?)"

  • 💭 "Why the vaccine cannot create infertility in young recipients?"

  • 💭 "If those around me are vaccinated then I’m less motivated to get mine?"

  • 💭 "One of my employees told other employees not to get it because it will make them infertile."

  • 💭 "A coworker said it was all fake."

  • 💭 "That the vaccine was rushed. I think we need to have simple communication showing how it was developed off existing tried and trusted vaccine research which means we started on 3rd base to get to home plate, not the batter’s box. Ideally this information would be shared by important military leaders and police. Huge hesitancy there."

  • 💭 "Main objection these days seems to revolve around the idea that children can't get COVID, therefore do not need to be vaccinated."

  • 💭 "Natural post-covid infection immunity: quality of immunity, and quantity of months of immunity."

  • 💭 "Who do I trust?"

  • 💭 "Can my employer require me to take the vaccine? If so, what can happen if I choose not to?"

  • 💭 "People are afraid of the risk of clots and now the myocarditis with the vaccine. I admit, I am also concerned about this as my youngest (he's 11 now) reaches the age where he can get the vaccine. Am I putting him at risk with the vaccine? The word on the street is that kids have low transmission rates but I would feel better if he were safely vaccinated."

  • 💭 "Not wearing masks when not fully vaccinated. Or those who are vaccinated still wear masks because they don’t know if they can trust the general public being honest. or expect mask mandates to protect those unable to get the vaccine."

  • 💭 "When will I need to get a booster? Is it going to be as big of a process as the first time? Do I have to always get the same manufacturer for the booster"

  • 💭 "How the vaccine actually works - that you can not get Covid from the vaccine. That the mRNA method of delivery is safe and proven effective."

  • 💭 "When and where should we mask?"

  • 💭 "Assurances that the #Vaccine is safe, and robust"

  • 💭 "Concern about safety of the vaccine. With residents who have family members in other countries that might are using other vaccines, they are not aware that the ones distribute in the U.S. are different."

  • 💭 "People are running out of money. They are worried about rent. The stimulus checks helped. But this is also a covid concern in my community"

  • 💭 "How to better respond when told they had COVID and are now immune."

  • 💭 "Why you should not wait to decide to take the vaccine?"

  • 💭 "Vaccine safety"

  • 💭 "How have fetal cell tissues been used in the vaccines development?"

  • 💭 "Comparison of dangers of vaccine to dangers of covid, how to assess risk of each (seeing outsized reactions to vaccine issues, minimal reaction to huge dangers of virus)"

  • 💭 "Social media and/or friends have highly influenced them to not get the vaccine. Why should trust those that I don’t know"

  • 💭 "Ease of accessibility of vaccine for those within our communities with substantive transportation challenges…"

  • 💭 "In most of the communities at greatest Rick with lower participation rates, trust is a key factor. I would strongly recommend utilization organizations within those communities with established credible relationships, such as churches, as sites to offer administration of the vaccine."

  • 💭 "I received my vaccines at the Chesterfield County site. When my first vaccine was administered, I was no AUTOMATICALLY provided with a scheduled appointment for the second dose. As the date for the second dose approached, I struggled for hours daily to secure an appointment. Not only was the bureaucratic system impossible to access and the opportunity for a person to person conversation no extant, when I finally secured the appointment, I was a week past the due date and met with absolutely rude, unprofessional behavior!"

  • 💭 "Concerns re: side effects, natural immunity, and development are easily addressed with facts and expert sources, but what do we do when they don't trust / won't listen to the experts and scientists with factual information?"

  • 💭 "Questions around teens and the vaccine"

  • 💭 "Big Govt wants to control people."

  • 💭 "I don't trust it- why should I get vaxed? We need a good response that deals with the EMOTION S behind this."

  • 💭 "What side effects did you have? How long have you been vaccinated? Why are you so scared of the virus? Why do liberals get vaccinated and conservatives don't? "

  • 💭 "Community member indicated that natural immunity safer, masks cause dementia, timeline of vaccine makes it inherently less safe, long term side effects, many variants of misinformation circulating"

  • 💭 "Will I need a booster shot for my Covid vaccine? How long will my vaccine be good for?"

  • 💭 "No one question, they are just anti vac. Believe snake oil salesmen and not the government"

  • 💭 "For vaccinated people, whom can still catch the SARS 2 virus (i.e. be exposed), but do not get COVID19, are there still symptoms similar to those you get when first getting the vaccine ? // For unvaccinated people who get COVID19 and then later catch it again after the antibodies subside, is there on-going damage to the body ? That is, with no vaccine and multiple exposures does it take a toll?"

  • 💭 "That the COVID vaccine will in the long term cause harmful side effects "

  • 💭 "What are the long-term risks of a mild case of COVID? Which is better at protecting against variants: natural immunity or vaccine? What steps would be needed to make the vaccine move from FDA "emergency use" approval to "fully approved?" What is that timeline? Why it is recommended that healthy people (vs just at-risk) proceed to get vaccinated under emergency measures rather than wait for full approval?"

  • 💭 "What are we worried about? The virus passed us over."

What Tools + Resources May Be Helpful?
(Bullet points, thought starters and half-baked ideas are all welcome... or, draw and share)
(click to expand)

  • 💡"Need more visibile "everyone's doing it" type things - especially yard signs and other ways that are less in your face. Arlington has yard signs that have the phone number and website in road medians but those need to be made available to public and get them in as many yards as possible. This is helpful on conversation: https://theconversation.com/4-ways-to-talk-with-vaccine-skeptics-125142 . Also - simple videos showing how effective vaccines have been for public health - like this: https://youtu.be/yqUFy-t4MlQ I direct on this project for the Sabin Vaccine Insitute - you're welcome to use any of our resources: https://www.immunizationadvocates.org/journalist-resource-hub Our Vaccine IQ quick videos have been particularly popular: https://www.immunizationadvocates.org/vaccine-iq . Feel free to email me or connect on linkedin."

  • 💡"Videos that explain in common terms (not scientific terms or "doctor speak") how the vaccine was developed, how it works, as well as efficacy would be helpful. Most adults read on an 8th grade level so that should be kept in mind when developing any materials."

  • 💡"It has to be a push to get PCPs (primary care providers) involved. No press release, community event is going is going to matter - it needs to be 1-on-1 discussions with doctors and other medical professionals that they know and trust."

  • 💡"Information on how the process was sped up"

  • 💡"Update and infographics on FDA approvals, infographics on effectiveness of vaccine specifically related to vaccinated and non vaccinated people (different graphics for different ages that are easy to understand), PSAs targeting teens so they will ask their parents for the vaccine and targeted PSAs for grade schoolers as well - friendly, not scary."

  • 💡"List of vaccine sites alongside nearest public transportation station - Best workplace practices as people go back to work (should meetings be kept to a certain size, still social distanced, what would be best remote/virtual vs. in person) - Easy access vaccine site for hospitality workers that work long hours, mid morning Tues/Wed is when many are off, ideally give free coffee for vaccine ;)"

  • 💡"Debunk myths about the Covid vaccine. So many people are still misinformed about the vaccine and think that it is experimental."

  • 💡"Tired of your mask? Get your shot! It is your civic duty to get your vaccine. Are you a caring person? Care for others and yourself..get your vaccine! Help us win the war against COVID..it is your duty and honor in service for our nation to get vaccinated."

  • 💡"Take it to the streets... let's do more "pop up" PODs in our communities, especially, at community events, and at malls, the DMV, banks, movie theaters, synagogues and church's, etc. And, let's hold the PODs after work, and, on weekends!!!"

  • 💡"Trusted communities of OB/GYNs speaking up about fertility; anecdotal stories from influencers who have had the vaccine and become pregnant; stories of pregnant women who got sick with COVID and the impact. Creating incentives every where to get vaccinated-jump the line at bars/Clubs at a Pop-up vaccine center. Incentivizing and educating the medical community to encourage all staff and patients to get vaccinated--appalling that physicians are not recommending and even discouraging vaccines. Incentivize employers by urging them to let vaccinated people return to work without limitations and requiring hurdles for unvaccinated, e.g. masking, testing, etc. Publicize what vaccinated people are doing with their lives now that they are vaccinated and compare to what unvaccinated people still need to do to remain safe. Focus on creating excitement among teens (and under 12 group) to anticipate their new world vaccinated! Use TikTok endlessly with influencers to speak to the under 30 group about life pre- and post-vaccine. Be crystal clear (to the extent possible) about the benefits of being vaccinated. The information that is available is confusing even for people "in the know" so let's make it really SIMPLE for everyone to understand the benefit of the vaccine! Let's put vaccine centers every where that people frequent--social settings, churches, malls--but highly visible (not tucked into a corner) with a lot of fanfare around getting and counting who is vaccinated. It should be a celebration, so let's create a celebratory atmosphere about receiving and being fully vaccinated. With respect to certain fearful communities, older Latinx and Black communities, the messaging needs to be targeted, clear and continuous with trusted advisors delivering it--ministers, health care providers, barbers, etc."

  • 💡"Printable/downloadable flier about how to make appt. posters about current stats and goals of vdh for posting about workplaces/businesses/churches."

  • 💡"We need someone famous to really push the issue. Get a former Virginian who is an actress, actor, professional ball player, etc. This is not over and people need to understand that. People are still angry and do not believe in the mask policy. I was in TJ Maxx the other day and the nice lady at the front was saying we ask you to wear a mask. You wouldn't believe the nasty remarks people gave her. We need to put some videos out there showing the this.... a meme? or something....I think that colleges making it mandatory will help with that age group. More businesses need to say that you must have it or wear a mask. I have an employee complaining that I am making her wear a mask and she says it is like wearing a scarlet letter. In NYC, I went to the Mets game. You could go in with the vaccine card or if you had a test the day of... There was a rapid test on property if you didnt and for 40 dollars you could get it in 30 minutes. I think this is excellent for EVERY EVENT... Busch gardens, colonial Williamsburg, airports, outside and inside activities and outdoor concerts! No one wants to be left out of a game or any activity. If we want this last 32Percent to get vaccinated there needs to be creative ways to make it happen. I really do not want to go to an event with unvaccinated people even though I am vaccinated."

  • 💡"Military & police influencers. Also, for those keeping their bodies clean of all impurities, how can we show them that this is the better option vs. getting COVID. Are there Shamans and Gurus out there that would share the message?"

  • 💡"Vaccination clinics at schools, primarily for eligible school children and parents"

  • 💡"Fun, eye-catching YouTube videos or one-page visuals"

  • 💡"Offer a lottery money payout to people who got the vaccine."

  • 💡"1...Trusted individuals who live in the communities not political folks or folks who are involved in political activity. They don't trust them and they know they are being paid. Most folks will engage in soliciting others for free to make their communities and neighborhoods safe. 2...Partner with existing neighborhood events like cookouts, Community Explosions (Hampton, Newport News or create model in other areas). The events now are too staged and are in places where people have to travel or normally do not go there because of the reputation of being exclusive. 3...Let the identified areas where folks are not vaccinated create the activity, they know what works in their neighborhoods. 4...Ancient Chinese Proverb...Go to the people, Live among them, Learn from them, Love them. Start with what they know, Build on what they have: But of the best leaders, When their task is done, The people will remark, "We have done it ourselves."..."

  • 💡"Mobile vaccination clinics in various neighborhoods; provide incentives for those who have already been vaccinated"

  • 💡"Allowing parents to be vaccinated with school age children, even pre school. Especially those who have been put out of school, as an important step for re admission! 😍😍😍"

  • 💡"More scientific data. I was able to pull the data from the Pfizer/Moderna initial vaccine trial from ASHP while they were up for the EUAs. I think more information needs to be released and available. I think we need to hear successes of the vaccine vs only the bad things/adverse events that happen. How many real problems have the Vsafe system reviewed? How many people have gotten the vaccine? I think numbers and tallied data would be excellent to share."

  • 💡"At vaccine clinics. Information infomercials presented on repeat on large screens. during wait times or post vaccine to answer common questions concerns."

  • 💡"More focused approach for lower income neighborhoods."

  • 💡"*Vans We need fleets of vans that can go into low-vaxxed areas to offer vaccines on the fly. Especially as the weather heats up, people who are economically disadvantaged are not going to want to wait for a bus and then stand in a line to get a shot--particularly if they have to bring along their young children. This is why we need vans. Offering vaccinations at parks and community centers is good, but we can do better. Take it from the macro level to the micro level, one stop short of knocking on doors to offer the vaccine. We have to "take the mountain to Muhammad" now and realize that some of the unvaccinated people do not have cars of their own and prefer not to use the bus (or can't afford it). If these people can't get to the vaccine on their own, then we have no choice: we have to bring it to them! *Advertising I think if we took or mailed out brightly colored, easily understood fliers 2-3 days before the vans were to come around in their neighborhood, the citizens might have a little time to plan, but not so much time that they could be talked out of it if they decided to get vaxxed. Social media posts and announcements by church leaders in Sunday Services would be helpful as well. *Truth-tellers Broadly, this category extends to include pastors, ministers, clerics, priests, and the like. I honestly have no idea how the faith communities are handling the vaccine questioning in general here. Are they encouraging their flock to get the shots, but the people are having none of it? Or are the faith leaders preaching avoidance, and if so, why? Do they have all the facts, or might they be wrong on a few things, and thus discouraging their congregations from becoming vaccinated? Can the faith leadership be re-launched as an ally of the 100% vaccination movement? What we need are truth-tellers who match the background data of the un-vaxxed in Charlottesville, especially people of color. If we can get some semi-famous people, who live here, to get vaxxed, or who already are vaxxed, to head up a print, social media, and TV campaign, "Stand Up for C'ville!", or some other wording like that, then we'd have an excellent opportunity to have a community stakeholder from the under-vaccinated areas telling the truth about coronavirus and Covid-19. Those local celebs could also tack on timely messages about upcoming neighborhood van vaxxing dates and times."

  • 💡"Charts or posters showing other well accepted vaccines and that they have kept our populations disease free/how they are similar to the Covid vaccine- so we should expect the same outcomes. Funny memes or tik toks that show people being vaccinated! Vaccinations at places where more hesitant populations frequent?…maybe @ more bars and restaurants, @sporting events, @farmers markets, county fairs, @public pools"

  • 💡"Clear guidance on masking. Hugging?"

  • 💡"Memes & tik tok videos along with animations / infographics."

  • 💡"Constant messaging from trusted community based organizations about how safe the vaccine. Working with community based organizations to be a site for mobile vaccine units"

  • 💡"People are spending more time at home. Maybe give them something that can improve their lives at home. I don't believe it has to cost much money. It could be something climate friendly, like a beautiful house plant. For Internet connected Virginians, maybe a house plant that grows in a virtual pot online. The flowering dogwood is too big for some homes. Maybe something smaller that fits in everywhere."

  • 💡"Most people have doctors or other professionals they trust, I think the medical community should do more to help get those with fears to accept the vaccine."

  • 💡"Clear Explanations regarding the risk of not being vaccinated & benefits of vaccination. A focus on what’s in it for them?"

  • 💡"Safety data"

  • 💡"Somehow getting through to people who have gotten into the propaganda YouTube channels and believe disinformation. Cult deprogramming. Highlighting rates of hospitalization among the still unvaccinated. More comparison of what vaccinated people can safely do vs risks to unvaccinated and their families."

  • 💡"Set up vaccine clinics with information at high traffic areas like grocery stores, convenience stores, and malls"

  • 💡"Mount a targeted campaign to deliver vaccines door to door in key areas where risk is greater and participation lower than needed…"

  • 💡"Mobilize the teams to take the vaccines within the communities. The decision to utilize CVS and Walgreens has simply provided those organizations with access to a broader customer base and they are utilizing it avidly to promote their products and not the vaccines"

  • 💡"Standardize. Immediately schedule the appointment for every second vaccine at the time the first dose is administered."

  • 💡"1. Somehow getting the people they DO trust (others, people they relate to, first responders, etc) to tout the benefits of vaccination. Can we pay these people to promote vaccines or something? (half kidding, half not...) 2. Also maybe clever social media depictions of actual risk of vaccinations - like showing that your odds of getting a life-threatening clot from vaccinations are way smaller than getting one from COVID... or showing that your chances of adverse event from vaccination is much smaller than: car accident, skin cancer, shark attack, mass shooting, home invasion, whatever... 3. Maybe emphasize that if you carry a gun for safety and/or because you believe there need to be more "good guys with guns" to protect the rest of us, getting vaccinated in the pandemic version of concealed carry! Sounds a little wild I know, but we need to appeal via what they value and what matters to them... and facts from experts/scientists ain't it."

  • 💡"Getting employers and school systems on board to mandate vaccine"

  • 💡"VA leaders need to begin conversation with business leaders throughout the State regarding providing paid time off for getting the shot and if they need a sick day at home. The State could use some federal funds to reimburse the businesses that do this. In addition, you could create hashtags for Instagram, Twitter, etc and encourage young people who have gotten the shot to send in selfies. And, could you have ads on major networks of young people calmly answering the questions for those hesitant about the vaccines?"

  • 💡"Get the churches on board with vaccines -set up vaccine clinics at the largest churches in the rural areas -get more vaccine ambassadors in the churches -flyers and leaflets passed out at or near churches during peak member attendance -more community education in the rural areas -play up the idea of supporting the safety and welfare of their community and the role churches play in community safety and welfare -vaccine clinics at sporting events -continue to encourage older veterans to be vaccinated by alliances with VFWs and other veteran groups not already associated with the VA since many older veterans from the Vietnam era distrust the VA -more school vaccination clinics in August and September"

  • 💡"Have you talked to your doctor about your concerns?"

  • 💡"Ads on Facebook and other social media to counter false narratives; explain how vaccine development was efficient because of the funding, how long before long term immunity questions will be known, major media push of correct information, take out ads on Fox news, Newsmax, and other Qanon supporting outlets to get the message out, have local community ambassadors to advocate for vaccination, financial incentives to becoming vaccinated"

  • 💡"Mobil vaccine vans cruising lower income neighborhoods. Vaccine sites at public libraries. Cash paid for getting vaccines/incentives. Referral incentives. Making it a requirement for all medical professionals to get the vaccine. Mandatory school vaccine clinics."

  • 💡"Have a place to send snake oil doctor presentations and anti vax videos on all social media . As I receive this nonsense on Facebook, u tube and tic tock . I would like to be able to send the posts to you so you can fact check and discredit these anti Covid vaccine posts. Anti vaccine people spend lots of time searching internet to support their lack of belief in needing the vaccine or lack of trust in the vaccine over long term health."

  • 💡"Do a special on PBS. What does the future look like in a world with ever present SARS virus and what happens to unvaccinated people over time living in such a world? Discuss safety. The biggest concern clearly voiced by young people is in regards to the problems associated with the J+J vaccine (Janssen Labs, Belgium) as presented by various information sources and thus a distrust of the vaccines in general."

  • 💡"Perhaps a prominent staffed table for information and answering questions set up at vaccination sites."

  • 💡"Suggestion: All of the vaccine ads that I have seen on television present the needle as being about 12 inches long! I admit to an aversion to needles as has been the issue with many of those with whom I have spoken! If the ads did not make such a display of the needle, I do think it might help to cut some of the fear. Just a thought."

  • 💡"Decision tree to get through fear of unknown, potential adverse affects of the vaccine vs known risks of COVID/unknown long-term risk of COVID. A graphic showing what parts of FDA approval were "cut" to make the approval timeline shorter."

  • 💡"I think it would be helpful to continue to spread easy to read and understandable charts explaining why common misconceptions are false. This I think allows for people to better retain the information so they can spread it in future conversation."

  • 💡"Provide more PSA printed material, printer-friendly material, for free distribution. 2. More door to door notifications."

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