Mission 7

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Hello + welcome to our 7th collective mission!

As we move into our next chapter of COVID response, we need your help. Since February of 2021, we've worked to turn Community Ambassador ideas into real life tools + resources. It's time for round 2. What's needed right now? Let's work together to share insights + develop new ideas to help improve vaccination rates to keep families, friends + communities safe.

⛑️ How to support: Fill out this form to share your insights + ideas. (Feedback form is now closed for Mission 7)

📲 We will recap your insights + ideas on this page, so be sure to check back soon.

Example ideas submitted by Community Ambassadors

🗓 On June 11th, 2021, Mission 7 email was delivered to 3,885 Ambassadors.

⛑️ Within the first week, mission overview received 3,600 views.

Ambassadors offered thousands of hyper-local data points from friends, family, work-groups, neighbors and other communities to support this insights mission. It is based on their first-hand interactions. Ambassadors shared quantitative insight, others shared qualitative feedback, and some submitted ideas for new tools + resources.

Thank you for your support!  -- Please see our recap below.

📊 💬 INSIGHT 1 | Hesitancy:
"Within Your Local Communities, What Are The Most Common Concerns or Reservations You're Hearing + Seeing? 

💬 "Other" Examples
Minsiformation + Hesitancy Heard or Seen Within Communities
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📊 💭 INSIGHT 2 | FAQ:
What Are The Questions You're Hearing Within Your Communities?
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What Tools + Resources May Be Helpful?
(Bullet points, thought starters and half-baked ideas are all welcome... or, draw and share)
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Example Tools: Drawings + Mockups

❤️ Ideas for middle school, high school, grade school

❤️ Showing vision of road to what we love

❤️ Handing out frames for photos