Mission 1

MISSION 1: Vaccine Pre-registration

⛑️ Hello + welcome to our collective mission!
Note: This mission in on-going. We thank you for your continued support!

🚀 Review information on this page to help friends, families + communities in Virginia find + receive their free COVID-19 vaccine:
Website | 1-877-VAX-IN-VA

💡Ideas: Text, tell, social media, message boards, company/group emails, conversation.

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💬 FAQs

Q: Who should this be sent to?
A: Anyone who has not yet received their COVID-19 vaccination. 

Q: Do I need to pre-register on Vaccinate.Virginia.gov if I've already registered with a local health district?
A: You can use the new system to confirm any past registration, but you should not need to preregister again.

Q: Will this schedule my vaccine appointments?
A: No, this is NOT an appointment. It is just the first step in the process. It is not a first come, first served list. After registration, based on availability of vaccine + your eligibility, you will later be contacted via a phone call / text / email to schedule an appointment, so be sure to answer :)

English flyer details the registration process for the COVID vaccine.

English social media shareable details the registration process for the COVID vaccine.

Volante en español con detalles del proceso de inscripción para la vacuna del COVID.

Para compartir en las redes sociales en español, con detalles del proceso de inscripción para la vacuna del COVID.

Key facts, feedback + insight on mission success.

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After reviewing the mission, some Ambassadors shared the information with audiences of 10 people, others shared with 10k. With over 3k Ambassadors, this outreach scaled quickly. Thank you for your support!

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