Mission 1

MISSION 1: Vaccine Pre-registration

⛑️ Hello + welcome to our collective mission!
Note: This mission in on-going. We thank you for your continued support!

🚀 Review information on this page to help friends, families + communities in Virginia find + receive their free COVID-19 vaccine:
Website | 1-877-VAX-IN-VA

💡Ideas: Text, tell, social media, message boards, company/group emails, conversation.

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📲 How To Share

  • Option 1) Reshare the Facebook or Twitter posts from VDH.

  • Option 2) Download flyer or social media shareable below, send + share.

  • Option 3) Use your own words to direct communities to vaccinate.virginia.gov or 1-877-VAX-IN-VA

💬 FAQs

Q: Who should this be sent to?
Anyone who has not yet received their COVID-19 vaccination.

Q: Do I need to pre-register on Vaccinate.Virginia.gov if I've already registered with a local health district?
A: You can use the new system to confirm any past registration, but you should not need to preregister again.

Q: Will this schedule my vaccine appointments?
A: No, this is NOT an appointment. It is just the first step in the process. It is not a first come, first served list. After registration, based on availability of vaccine + your eligibility, you will later be contacted via a phone call / text / email to schedule an appointment, so be sure to answer :)

English flyer details the registration process for the COVID vaccine.

English social media shareable details the registration process for the COVID vaccine.

Volante en español con detalles del proceso de inscripción para la vacuna del COVID.

Para compartir en las redes sociales en español, con detalles del proceso de inscripción para la vacuna del COVID.

Key facts, feedback + insight on mission success.

🗓 On March 3rd, 2021, Mission 1 email was delivered to 3,098 Ambassadors.

⛑️ Within the first hour, mission overview received over 1k views. Within the first week, the overview received 7k views.

After reviewing the mission, some Ambassadors shared the information with audiences of 10 people, others shared with 10k. With over 3k Ambassadors, this outreach scaled quickly. Thank you for your support!

🚀 At the top of the missions page, we invited any Ambassador to send feedback to show how things went. See below to view community insight.

💬 Community Ambassador Feedback:

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  1. Shared via Twitter and Facebook. Will share on Senator's page, too.

  2. Printed flyer and shared it in my restaurant.

  3. Posted on facebook and got likes. Community is practicing distancing.

  4. Wasn't sure if there was a standardized hashtag we were using. Posted it on Tik Tok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeMjV9KW/
    (Follow up: Thank you for the question, and for your wonderful Tik Tok, we loved watching it. Moving forward we will use the hashtag #VaccinateVirginia for vaccine related content.)

  5. Walked folks through pre-registration to show how easy it is, and then when I went to show how to register.

  6. I posted the flyer on 5 facebook pages for the local community. In addition I called the Loudoun County Home Delivered Meals program and asked them to locate any seniors who are aging in place and haven't been able to register for the vaccine. They sent out a flyer to the HDM clients and the local Senior Center on Friday. They were very grateful. I am sure she will find more who need help to register.

  7. I shared this with my work and social communities. There was confusion about if Fairfax County residents should use the state registration system or the county system.
    (Follow up: Thank you for this insight, and we appologize for confusion. The Fairfax information has been updated on the statewide pre-registration site.)

  8. ⛑ I have shared with all friends families and Neighbors to get the vaccine and more register! Most of the people are asking to have more appointments available across the state.

  9. ⛑ They are asking if they all can get vaccinated at the Christiansburg Recreation Friday
    (follow up: Thank you for the feedback! All vaccination appointments should be pre-scheduled, as walk-up appointments are not accepted)

  10. ⛑ Posted on Facebook and retweeted on Twitter. Emailed friends who have not signed up or received the vaccine as yet.

  11. ⛑ I'm surprised by the number of people hesitant to get the vaccine.

  12. ⛑ Where can I get copies of the Blue Flyer with instructions in Spanish on how to register for the vaccine? My plan is to distribute the flyers in the delivered bags for groceries for an organization called LINK. We deliver food to the needy, and our weekly distributions have greatly increased. Having the flyer would help disseminate the information to our Hispanic families. I have a pdf of the flyer, but my printer at home would run out of ink quickly since it is mostly blue. Please let me know where I can go to get a supply of the flyers. Thank you.
    (follow up: Thank you for this feedback! We just sent additional digital options your way. We are also looking into printing options. Please stay tuned. Thank you for your feedback + support!)

  13. Just shared on facebook and send via what's app to family members and other interest groups I am part of.

  14. I had to search for the website on the FB shared info from VDH. I don’t feel it jumped out at me.

  15. My church book group will be available to answer questions about the Covid-19 shot and help church members pre-register if the need help. Our church does a praise in the parking lot tonight at 5:30 and we plan to be there to answer questions for members we have also told church members they can call us with questions. We hope to take this activity also to a low income community that we work with as a mission activity for our church.

  16. This is a great way to get the word out!

  17. I shared the information via my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

  18. I posted the information on 2 different community pages.

  19. I posted the pre-registration information as well as introducing myself as a Volunteer Community Ambassador on all my Social Media Sites; Nextdoor (Greenbrier South and Greenbrier East), Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. I received so many “thank you” emails in Nextdoor for posting your prepared social media information on registrations. A lot of people were able to get appointments for themselves, their spouses and elderly parents. It truly warned my heart. I’ve wanted to Volunteer in any capacity to help with this important endeavor. I was even able to assist with registrations for The Hague Pharmacy’s vaccine event at the Hindu Temple in Chesapeake

  20. ⛑ I shared via facebook

  21. Having the FAQ and other public info on the Mission page in Spanish or other languages would be really helpful.
    (follow up: Thank you for this feedback. We agree, and we can't thank you enough for the patience. We are excited to build out a dedicated Spanish tab on the website. By the end of March, this will be live, as we begin to offer missions in both English + Spanish! )

  22. By now many people have this info. The current question are: “When will I get my vaccine”? “How are people getting the vaccine before it is their turn”? Many pre registered people did not populate to the new system.
    (follow up: Excellent feedback, thank you for sharing these questions from the community. Although exact dates can't be anticipated, the VDH Vaccine page offers the ability to see which Phase a person is eligible for. Vaccines are allocated based on eligibility, including underlying medical conditions. Recent updates to the system include additional pre-registratered users from across Virginia, which includes more accurate data from each county. Thank you again for this thoughtful and valuable feedback!)

  23. ⛑ I shared on Twitter and Facebook. It would be nice to have an Instagram option

  24. It would be great to make links that we can copy and paste and not just share a post already made. Sometimes being a little more personal on social media and making your own post can go a long way.
    (Follow up: Thank you for this note! We will work to offer a continued mix of options. In this mission, we offered the ability to share existing posts, or to download content and add personalization (right click and save, or on mobile, press and select save). We agree personal on social is always best. Again, thank you for this helpful feedback, and thank you for sharing!)

  25. I shared on FB and Twitter with your links but I was unable to download materials to share on my neighborhood Next Door site.
    (follow up: Excellent to hear! We will be sure to include more detailed instruction for downloading materials in the future. This is wonderful feedback, thank you!)

  26. Sent an email blast to c. 9k subscribers and will follow up with FB, IG and Twitter posts

  27. Easy to do and I hope it clears up some of the misconceptions out there. I placed the information on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Next Door.

🏅Special thanks to all Community Ambassadors!