Mission 12

Mission Details | INFODEMIC

Hello + welcome to our twelfth collective mission. This one's a learning experience.

We've prepared an ambassador "Infodemic mini-class" for you below. With your commitment, we can better serve our local communities. As the virus spreads, so does misinformation. This creates what is known as an Infodemic. Let's work together to slow the spread.

⛑️ How to support:

Let us know how it goes: To be featured in our Mission 12 recap, please provide any feedback here, once complete. We love hearing from you! (Feedback form is now closed for Mission 12)

🔟 Mini-class.

🚀 Swipe through to build Infodemic expertise (5-min)


"We are all still learning how to navigate this new information environment.

But we know enough to be sure that misinformation is an urgent threat, and that we can and must confront it together."

🍎 Extra Credit
🚀 Continue your infodemic education experience below. The goal is to build COVID Community Ambassador awareness + expertise. If you feel someone in your community would find value in any of these materials, please share to help stop the spread of misinformation.

🩺 Vaccine Mythbusters (90 sec)
Led by Dr. Danny Avula, Virginia's State Vaccine Coordinator, this video offers researched + credible responses to common myths created through disinformation.  

Confronting Health Misinformation (20-30 min)

Learn from the best. This report covers the full advisory by the US Surgeon General. Great background information + action steps.

💬 Surgeon General Overview (30 min)

This virtual call with U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy explains how we can help slow COVID-19 misinformation.

🔍 Let's Flatten the Curve (5-10 min)

This page by the World Health Organization shares top tips to identify + navigate misinformation or disinformation.

🕰️ Smarter in Seconds (40 sec)

Short + sweet, this Instagram reel by Blair Imani shares the basics of misinformation + disinformation in a way that is easy to understand + easy to share.

🧠 Misinformation Alerts (updated weekly)
Want to know how to respond to the latest misinformation circling the web? This page gathers weekly updates, with facts + tips for response. 

🎓 Extra-Extra Credit
🚀 For Community Ambassadors who review all 7 items above (mini-class + extra credit, a 1.5 hour commitment), we've created a downloadable certificate below for you to share on social media or in text. This is a way to acknowledge your accomplishment + commitment to community-driven public health. Thank you for helping slow the spread of misinformation in Virginia... an act of service worth celebrating!

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Key facts, feedback + insight on mission success.

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