Mission 17

Mission Details | Collective Care

Hello + welcome to our seventeenth collective mission. This one is a call for collective community care.

In the first mission of 2022, we focused on our own mental + emotional wellbeing, learning simple steps to manage stress + anxiety. For Mission 17, we're turning our attention to the mental + emotional wellbeing of our communities. The pandemic has taken a mental + emotional toll on just about everyone. Many communities report feeling lonely, fearful, or isolated. This mission is a reminder that we are still in this together + we don't have to face these struggles alone. So, let's work together to make an impact.

To share how your loved ones are feeling, please let us know in our Mission 17 recap. We love hearing from you + would love to know how your community is doing. (Feedback form is now closed for Mission 17)

📞  Phone A Friend. The mantra of this mission is small action for big impact.
🚀 Make a call to catch up, invite a neighbor on a walk, or visit an elderly loved one. For Mission 17, simply reach out, in whatever way you feel most comfortable, to someone who may be struggling or lonely. Ask them how they are really doing + simply listen + be present. We don't need to have all the answers or the perfect response - sometimes the best thing we can do is send a simple reminder that we are there + we care.

🧰  Resources at the Ready. During your conversations, if someone seems to be struggling, refer them to the resources at 2-1-1 Virginia. Whether your friend, family, or community member is in need of COVID resources, is short on food, or struggling with their mental health, 2-1-1 Virginia has an abundance of resources available for nearly every need.
🚀 Review the website, call 211, or text CONNECT to 247211.

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🗓 On February 11, 2022, Mission 17 was delivered to 4,190 Ambassadors. 

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Ambassadors rated this mission 4.8 out of 5 in terms of being helpful to their communities.
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