Mission 11

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Hello + welcome to our eleventh collective mission.

Meme culture, absurdity + humor. Can you lend 5 minutes to help reach Gen Z? We’re asking for your support in two ways.

⛑️ How to support

👋 Thank you for your support!

As Community Ambassadors, we work together to take small actions for big impact (via “missions”), with the goal of keeping families, friends, coworkers + communities safe. Here's how to support right now...

📢  #1: Help share our recent content. These social media shareables merge credible information with lighthearted humor. While the content was created for + by Gen Z, its playful, informative nature is great for anyone young at heart. We've highlighted a few favorites below. We hope you enjoy these. Choose the ones you like + share to help spread the messages.

⚡ Lightning

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🤷 3 Reasons

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🤧 Long Covid
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🧠 Vax Fax

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🛡 Protect Yourself

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📲 #2: Send to a friend.

Do you have friends, family, or community members in the 18-25 age range? Consider sending them to the page you're on right now. They may also sign-up to join the Covid Community Ambassador program here!

🎒 P.S. Looking for additional ways to get involved in public health? Consider volunteering with the Virginia Medical Reserve Corp, designed to improve the overall health and preparedness of local communities by organizing volunteer resources from within. All ages welcome, no medical experience necessary. Learn more here.

Key facts, feedback + insight on mission success.

🗓 On August 27th, 2021, Mission 11 email was delivered to 4,090 Ambassadors.

⛑️ Within the first week, mission 11 received 3,321 views. This Gen Z mission drove engagement to a variety of resources, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook + downloadable content for other social platforms.

⛑️ In addition to the core mission,  ambassadors helped recruit ambassadors, aged 18-24 years olds, who could support the Gen Z missions. Within the first week, we received 76 new sign-ups.

-- The Commonwealth thanks you for your support, Ambassadors! -- 

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